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This is my suggestion for CA election

Here is my suggestion for the upcoming CA election. Nepal is facing big problem now as half of the party is contesting while half not, inviting bitter clash.

So all should take part, without leaving other parties behind. Even the election take place, it can't promulgate the awaited constitution due to dissident parties, only it will cost heavy expenses from the revenue collected from peoples' hardship.

So, it will be better to arrange the environment for the dissident parties to participate the election. If constitution not drafted, people won't leave leaders this time.


How to participate?

Go to the Ujyaalo's facebook page 'www.facebook.com/ujyaalo' and send us your views, photos, video via message.

Mention Ujyaalo's Twitter Handle @ujyaalo (www.twitter.com/ujyaalo) while tweeting. Use #NepVote in your tweets about election. 

You can email us your views on any candidate, party or election itself, including photos and videos. Your messages in our inbox election@unn.com.np will easily reach us.


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