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  • How will constitution be drafted and peace will prevail?

    While the leaders of the four major parties claim that the CA Election is for drafting constitution, building peace, political stability and development of the country, CPN-Maoist and the 33 parties, ...

    Ganga Bahadur Gharti Magar, Damri, Pyuthan, now Jeddah, Saudi Arab
  • Majority for one party!

    May one party, whichever that may be, receive majority and bring improvements to the nation's condition; but ensure the rights of the people to live freely at the same time; and draft a fine const...

    Pashupati Baral, now UAE
  • This is my suggestion for CA election

    Here is my suggestion for the upcoming CA election. Nepal is facing big problem now as half of the party is contesting while half not, inviting bitter clash. So all should take part, without leaving ...

    Raghu Nath Sah
  • Voters’ i-card and uncertainty

    I read the news regarding- the EC is unable to distribute voters’ i-card to all voters prior to the poll date and the remaining will be distributed after the poll date only. As the commission i...

    Nawaraj Nabodit, Abudabi, UAE
  • Please save our country

    I have a dream to return Nepal, after election, and dwell with my family operating a small business. But, I feel now like that, my dream will scatter due to conflict in the name of election. We, resid...

    Shyam Bahadur Ray Thakuri
  • How to participate?

    Go to the Ujyaalo's facebook page 'www.facebook.com/ujyaalo' and send us your views, photos, video via message.

    Mention Ujyaalo's Twitter Handle @ujyaalo (www.twitter.com/ujyaalo) while tweeting. Use #NepVote in your tweets about election. 

    Go to your message box and type 'Vote'. Give a space. Then write your views on elections and send it to 5566.

    Dial our toll free number 16 60 01 5 55 66 and record your views in your own voice from every day 9 am to 10 am. You can also call 01 5000192 during rest of the day to record your views via IVR.

    You can email us your views on any candidate, party or election itself, including photos and videos. Your messages in our inbox election@unn.com.np will easily reach us. 

  • Be careful for voting

    I heard in the news that we can vote even we do not get the ID card provided by the government. I think this will allow some people to vote more than once. One of the ministers told in an interview wi...

    Bed Raj Sunar, Dang
  • Why discrimination?

    A contractor will lose his bid bond amount if s/he fails to complete the contract on time. Why not to take action against the leaders for failing to deliver the constitution on time even after squande...

    Sanjaya Poudel, UAE
  • We cannot enjoy our voting rights.

    We Nepali people of living abroad have been subjected to prejudice and injustice at the hand of state itself. We are forced to leave the country as it failed to provide us employment. Now it has barre...

    Srinarayan Tiwari
  • Be aware Nepalese people!

    Be aware people! Leaders will provide you food for the sake of votes until the election date only. After election, you got to earn your living on your own. The voters need to be cautioned more than le...

    Yogesh Adhikari
  • Is our country's future alike to it's past?

    Who shall we trust- this is a core question that we can observe in numerous disheartened Nepalese's faces, as election days are closer. No one has one voice on patriotism. The political leaders a...

    Shyam Bahadur Raya Thakuri

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