Madhesi Jana Adhikar Forum - Nepal

Madhesi Jana Adhikar Forum - Nepal

Brief Introduction:

Madhesi Jana Adhikar Forum-Nepal (MJF-Nepal) was originally formed as an NGO in 1998. An assembly of people from various walks of life held in Biratnagar in 1998 concluded that social, economic and political problems were the major hindrances of Nepal. The assembly gave birth to MJF-Nepal at the leadership of Upendra Yadav.

The first general convention of MJF held in 2004 declared movement against monarchy in Nepal. The success of the agitation that began in April 2006 paved way for the spring agitation of 2007. The Madhes movement began on January 16, 2007 with eight major demands including Madhes Autonomous State. The government led by then Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala reached to an 8-point agreement with the MJF on February 28, 2008. As the main achievement of the Madhes movement, federalism was mentioned in the Interim Constitution. The credit goes to MJF-Nepal President Upendra Yadav. MJF took part in the CA Election-2008 as a political party and won a whopping 52 seats in its debut. It won 30 seats in FPTP and 22 in PR election system with 678,327 votes in PR. It was 6.32 % of the total valid votes. This made MJF the fourth largest party in the CA, a status that unfortunately did not remain intact for long.  Differences among the leaders over joining the government led by UCPN-Maoist Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal 'Prachanda' resulted in party split and the formation of MJF-Nepal (Democratic) at the behest of Bijay Kumar Gacchhadar.

Addressing the basic need of citizens, maintaining gender equality, and achievement of independence, nationalism and social justice are the main objectives of MJF-Nepal.

President                             : Upendra Yadav

Party Office                         : Balkumari, Lalitpur


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