Rastriya Janamorcha

Rastriya Janamorcha


RastriyaJanamorcha was established in 1995. It took part in the legislative election of 1994 under the name of Akhil Nepal RastriyaJanamorcha. Its main objective is establishingpeople's rule in true sense by eliminating feudalism and freeing the nation from the clutches of expansionism and colonialism.

This is the only political party that openly opposed federalism in 2008 CA. The party is assertive that federalism will jeopardize nationality, sovereignty and unity of the nation. The party won 4 seats in CA Elections-2008, one from FPTP and three from PR electoral system with 106,224 votes, which was 0.99% of the total valid votes.

Chairman                : Chitra Bahadur KC

Head Office             : Kapan, Kathmandu

Election symbol    : Glass


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