Nepali Congress

Nepali Congress

Brief Introduction:

The unification of Nepal National Congress and Nepal Democratic Congress gave birth to Nepali Congress (NC) in 1950. NC holds establishment of democratic socialism through the protection and promotion of nationalism as its main objective. With specific focus on social, political and economic development of the nation by making a just, flexible and peaceful society through the establishment of federal democratic state, multi-party system based on pluralism, and parliamentary system based on nationalism, democracy, and ideology and principle of socialism, NC also happens to be the oldest political party of Nepal. NC became the second largest party in the CA Election-2008, winning a total of 110 out of 601 seats with 37 from FPTP and 73 from PR electoral system. In percentage, NC received 21.14 percent votes in PR and 22.79 percent in FPTP system.

Chairman                            : Sushil Koirala

Head Office                         : Sanepa, Lalitpur

Ideology                              : Nationalism, Democracy and Socialism

Election Symbol                   : Tree


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