Federal Socialist Party-Nepal (FSP-Nepal)

Federal Socialist Party-Nepal (FSP-Nepal)

Brief Introduction:

Federal Socialist Party-Nepal (FSP-Nepal) was formed in 2012 by a host of leaders who quit major political parties. The FSP-Nepal has adopted federalist socialism as its guiding principle, aiming to establish socialism based on federal system. The party has identified Marxism as the base for federal socialism. FSP-Nepal has acknowledged people's supremacy, federal rule, open society based on pluralism, rule of law, segregation of power, fundamental rights and human rights, adult franchise with periodic election, proportional representation election system, and right to self-determination.

FSP-Nepal aims to free the nation from political, economic, social, cultural, linguistic, religion and gender-based discriminations. Its slogan is - federalism for ethnic liberation and socialism for class liberation. FSP-Nepal is taking part in the CA Election for the first time.

President                        : Ashok Rai

Head Office                     : Bhaktapur

Guiding Principle             : Social Federalism


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