Sadbhawana Party

Sadbhawana Party

Brief Introduction:

This is a branch of Nepal Sadbhawana Party formed by late Gajendra Narayan Singh in 1990. Though initially formed as a social organization in 1985 by the name Nepal Sadbhawana Council to advocate for the rights of those in discrimination in Terai region, it was later converted into a political party after the restoration of democracy in 1990. It won six seats in the 1991 legislative election to become the fourth largest party and earned the status of a national party. Unfortunately, with the death of prolific leader Gajendra Narayan Singh, the party divided into many factions. One of the factions, Sadbhawana Party is being led by Rajendra Mahato. Based on Terai region, the party asserts on democracy, nationalism, equitism, federalism and democratic equitism as its main objective. According to the party, democratic equitism is to establish a society free from discriminations through elimination of political, social, economic, cultural, citizen and color-based discrimination by democratic process.

Sadbhawana believes that cultural and social discriminations can be resolved through pluralism. It lays emphasis on federalism based on joint-rule between the center and state, along with autonomous and self-governed states. It concludes that federalism is indispensable for the identity, representation, equity, ownership and self-governance of the communities under exclusion like Madhesis, indigenous/ethnic communities and backward region.

In CA Election-2008, Sadbhawana won four seats in FPTP and five from PR to become the sixth largest party. It received 167,517 votes in PR, which is 1.56% of the total valid votes. However, clash of interest kept leading the party to division time and again. The Sadbhawana Party has already split four times after Rajendra Mahato formed it under his leadership.


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