I suggested Prachanda to resolve the differences peacefully: Carter

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Jimmy Carter (James Earl Carter, Jr.), 39thpresident of the United States, was born October 1, 1924, in Plains, Georgia. Jimmy Carter served as US president from January 20, 1977 to January 20, 1981.

In 1982, he became University Distinguished Professor at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, and founded The Carter Center. Carter Center is actively engaged to resolve conflict, promote democracy, protect human rights, and prevent disease and other afflictions. He visited Nepal several times and observed Nepal election at 2008 and 2013. Before completing his mission this time, Gopal Guragain of Ujyaaloonline and Radio have had special interview with Mr. Carter. Here are the excerpts;

Q: You have observed the polls and election process of 2008 and have also observed and monitored all the process at 2013.  What are the differences you found in 2008 and 2013 in election process?

A: Well, the entire process is much more orderly, much more well-organized now. The new identificationcards with photographs  have been a very good improvement. They could have been issued this earlier, but it creates no problems. I think level of intimidation and violence is much controlled this time.Very little intimidation violence although, by the party threaten gave up, but it did not care through. Poll materials were there, head of time; almost I studied the pollsstarted as scheduled. The political parties, observers were very helpful to the polling officers. We did not hear very disturbances or interruptions  in the polling . So I think of course, the big difference was much greater participation by the public. I think the turnout was much better.

Q: So are you happy and satisfied with the process that is going on?

A:Yes, except for the interruption now because the Maoist losing, from most places, they have withdrawn from counting. With that one exception, the Maoistdissatisfaction, I am very pleased.

Q:We heard that you have had meet leaders and also with Maoist leaders Prachand yesterday. What are the things?

A:I have been with Bhattarai also, Prachand, Vaidhya afternoon. I just a urged him to let he requested his dissatisfactionbe presented to the proper officials the election commissioner first of all, necessary to the judiciary, and to resolve the differences peacefully and I urged him also to continue participation in the constituency assembly,  with the, initiates they would again  in the election process. And the he said he would meet his party today, andhe will report after the party meeting.

Q: As you are aware there are parties who didn't participate in the election. Do you see any danger of going off from this whole process and, UCPN has came from the 2006

A: I think,Baidhyafaction is quite pleased with the result of the election. Except for the turnout, I don't know anything about the-inter party negotiations but I don't see any real prospect of going off from where they have come to the action. Between Prachand's group and Vaidhya' group. I don't think this happening.

Q: Maoist has loose most of the seats they won in 2008. And the UML and the NC,are winning the seats. If the trend continues, what will be your message for those who lost the election and what is your message to the winners.

A: For the one who lost, I think, the primary reasons was since they came in first in 2008 the people expected them, use the leadership  to secure,  agreement on the constitution. So the constitution was not prepared, many people blame Maoist  the palavers . I think all the party to be blamed, but always, the fact that people want to leadership, kept to primary blame not successful. And also, there are many medium of people who looked to them for leadership. Even they have many supporters, and I think it would be mistake for them not to give their own supporters a voice in a new constitution, as the new constitution is written for the future, the constitution is very lucky to be permanent. Can see many decade in the constitution. AndMaoistvoters need and reserve representation of voice, in this process. And I have also met with the other major political parties. I hope, they would be gracious who gave the Maoist an adequate opportunity to come in and participate the future event, but now they didn't come in the first and second place.

Q: What you suggest Nepal EC, the government should take more initiate to improve the whole electoral process for the next time in regards that Nepal need the local election soon?

A; Also, I have been very congratulatory to the chairman,president, the election commissioner. I think they are doing an excellent job. We made recommendation for few changes. I think it would be better in the future tohave avoter turnout in the polling places. This is done almost all in the world. I think it would be very good. To move intoelectronic voting system is another that is well practiced in most of the countries. In  some country they have paper ballot. I think it would be good  to make identification for the issue. Well in advance. I would like to say that list of the voters published so the people can look the list and name if their name is not there, they deserve they could make the corrections. There were some problems on counting time in observers to gaining adequate permission to observe. So I suggest few changes like that. None of which are difficult to achieve. In general, my feeling to the election commission and all the senior officials to thanks. Thank you too and congratulation.


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