CA Election 2013 a great success, claims CEC Uprety

Tuesday, Nov 19, 2013 19:42 PM (6 years ago)Total Hits: 721

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KATHMANDU, NOVEMBER 19 - Chief Election Commissioner Nil Kantha Uprety has termed the CA Election 2013 a great success. Speaking at a press conference held at the media center of the EC in Kathmandu, Uprety made a preliminary assumption of over 70 % voter turnout throughout the nation. The voter turnout is expected to rise after the counting of votes begins, said Uprety.

Uprety asserted that it was the biggest turnout of voters in the electoral history of Nepal. The CEC thanked the voters, political parties, government officers, security apparatus and all quarters of the nation for the grand success of the election. Uprety also credited changes in electoral system and people's aspiration for clean politics for the impressive turnout of voters. "The reforms in electoral system and people's wish to bring change in the politics are the reasons behind the significant turnout of voters," Uprety said, "The zero voter turnout in Rolpa's Thawang must be taken as an exception."

Uprety, who was a member of the EC's team that held the 2008 elections, claimed that Tuesday's election was relatively peaceful. "Preliminary information shows that the polls were conducted in peaceful manner throughout the nation, except for some minor incidents in some constituencies," he said.  

He also claimed that the elections were held in a free and fair manner. "The use of technology and voter IDs with photograph supported in making the election free and fair this time," said Uprety. He said that the EC has come to know of the postponement of the election in only one election center.

Uprety expected the final results of the CA Election 2013 to come within the next seven to ten days. Responding to a reporter's query, the CEC said, "The elections are still not over. So it is not possible to give the exact details of the overall expenditure of the election."


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