Mourners too exercise their franchise in Dang

Tuesday, Nov 19, 2013 15:00 PM (6 years ago)Total Hits: 286

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DANG, NOVEMBER 19 – Mourners have also voted in Dang. The family of Dom Bahadur BK in Rampur-9, Dang voted at the election center in Janata Lower Secondary School.

Mahavir Rawat, a resident of Dhanauri who is mourning his father's death, also exercised his franchise on Tuesday. Rawat voted from the election center in Shiva Shakti High School. Likewise, Kul Bahadur Khulal and Bishnu Khulal of Bijauri-1, Dudhsar also voted during the mourning period. Both of them voted from Hemantapur election center.

Narayan Khanal and Bam Dev Khanal, both residents of Bargaduwa of Laxmipur, also voted during the mourning period of the death of their family member. 


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