CPN-Maoist loot ballot boxes, voting postponed in Jumla

Tuesday, Nov 19, 2013 14:05 PM (7 years ago)Total Hits: 753

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JUMLA, NOVEMBER 19 - Voting in two election centers in Jumla's Depalgaun VDC has been postponed, after CPN-Maoist looted ballot boxes on Tuesday. Some 60 cadres of CPN-Maoist looted ballot boxes from the election centers of Tribhuwan High School in Depalgaun VDC. District election officer Anil Kirati informed that the voting has been postponed after the incident, adding that there were no chances of continuing the voting today.

With a total 867 voters in poll station 'A', only 133 had exercised their franchise when the incident took place. Likewise, in poll station 'B', 24 out of 271 voters had voted so far. The situation remained tensed for a while after the ballot boxes were robbed.


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