Prez Dr. Yadav called all to vote, with zeal

Monday, Nov 18, 2013 23:26 PM (6 years ago)Total Hits: 261

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KATHMANDU, NOVEMBER 18 President Dr Ram Baran Yadav Monday appealed all eligible Nepali people to utilize their fundamental right to vote, with zeal.

On the eve of the Election Day, President Dr. Yadav, in his message, called on Nepali people for voting to materialize the national importance of the CA election.

Expressing his belief on all political parties, election candidates, voters and entire Nepali people in utilizing the best opportunity of making constitution as per the national and people's needs by brushing aside minor differences President Dr. Yadav said "politics done with the help of terror and violence will never offer the concrete solution."

Further, President Dr Yadav mentioned, in his message, people could not forget some significant achievements of the dissolved CA.


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