Voters' impatience wait- amid boundary of disgust, impediment and enjoyment

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Poll analysis by Gopal Guragain

Long uncertainty is going to be over, as GET, SET, GO -for the CA poll is going to start after a few hours. Even the last hour is not successful in bringing curiosity and zeal among voters comparing to previous polls. Neither the degree of inclination / detestation could be forecasted nor estimated this time, so does vote's turnout. The CA election is going to be poles apart than previous ones, regarding the participation and the outcome.

According to the Election Commission, this election has 12,147,865 voters, with 2.5 million voters cut off comparing to 2008. Still, actual no of distribution of voters indentity card is not calculated yet.

Even the political Pandits are incapable in reckoning the voters' participation, even at the last hour of poll. Strike called by CPN-Moist alliance, possible obstruction by the both , poll opposing and contesting parties, skepticism to the political parties, EC's powerless behavior to code of conduct violation passage a favorable environment in decreasing peoples' interest to the polls, inviting less voter turnout.

Though the EC, the government and election observers are expecting for 70-80 % voters turnout, but it may go under 50%, raising question mark to the poll authentication.

Amazing symbols imprinted in the ballot paper may add some joy in the election. Monotonous voters can have sight of various objects from small to gumbo animals like crab, ant, and rabbit to elephant, rhinos, and same time armors like swords, khadga, vehicles like rickshaw, tempo, train, bell tower, and mobile so on. Remote voters from Dolpa, Manang and first time participating voters can have experience of riding train, rickshaw, beside casting votes. Same time they can take enjoyment of thrashing out 5,888 candidates from the arena, too. Among 6,128 FPTP candidates, only 240 will have the coveted place. So multiple numbers of figures are destined as a loss to 127 parties and independent candidates.

Other interesting factor is the expenses incurred by those who are destined to failure. As we all know, they make expenses beyond the boundary, marked by the EC.  Even if the boundary of 1 million to each candidate is figured out in an average, thus generated amount will touch up to 5,888 millions, turning in a vain, making the polls a windfall loss.

Not like before, now the voters are adapted with the new updated technology. Young voter's hatred to old leaders will be clearly depicted in the poll, inviting crisis to old ones' future.

The easy access to the latest communication means has obstructed this election in having big assemblies. The good aspect of this dimension is the lessening of promotional expense to some extent, as the campaign took place in cheap and easy means like mobile, internet, FM radio, Cable TVs, replacing assembly organizing cost. But the bitter truth is somewhere else. As the candidate and the contesting parties could not face the prospective voters, who would question them about their capability, agenda, and principle. So they choose an easy option to visit them in their door, touching their feet, legs, hands.

Prior to the nomination filling day, the news of transformation covered the Nepalese media. Easy transformation of NC leaders, cadres to UCPN-Maoist, Sadbhawan to UML, UML to NC was amazing in itself, reflecting lack of candidates' rigid principle or agenda even candidacy fielded under one banner. Voters are clearly aware of the fact that principle and agenda have been dominated by reputation and access this time.

Further, intellectual groups take more benefits from democracy, without participating the polls, in our democracy.  Only they pass negative message during pre-election phase, don't like to vote and further like to have fruit of democracy, in post-election phase, solely to them. Poor people need to preserve the democracy for them.

Writers, artists, prior to a day of election date, bravely and openly confess "I won’t go to vote". But poor people, with bearing risk of bombs and guns, go out and vote. They take farewell from home in escorted vehicles.

Just few hours left for Nepal to plunge into the second CA polls, people are standing amid joy, impediment and disgust, whether to go for - GET, SET, GO or not.


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