UML disrupts fringe party assembly in Achham

Wednesday, Nov 13, 2013 19:48 PM (5 years ago)Total Hits: 2.6 K

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KAILALI, NOVEMBER 13 - CPN-UML cadres have attacked the election assembly of Nepal Pariwar Dal in Achham on Wednesday.

The UML party workers attacked the electoral assembly at Kamal Bazaar in Achham-2 and disrupted the gathering, said Kamal Adhikary, a PR candidate of Nepal Pariwar Dal.

Party president Eknath Dhakal was due to address the assembly when the UML cadres started vandalizing microphones and chairs at the assembly site. They also looted some cash from president Dhakal's personal secretary, along with video camera, mobile phones and purses, Adhikary said.

UML's Achham-2 undersecretary Bhairav Bohara, however, claimed that they had only chanted slogans at the site, as the assembly of Pariwar Dal affected the UML's program being held in the same area. The police had charged with batons to disperse the crowd.


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