Candidate Thebe kidnapped

Wednesday, Nov 13, 2013 08:54 AM (5 years ago)Total Hits: 3.2 K

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JHAPA, NOVEMBER 13 -  Gopal Thebe, Saghiya Limbuwan Rajya Parisad’s candidate in Ilam-3 and Jhapa-3, was kidnapped Tuesday night. Thebe was kidnapped when he was on his way to Birtamod Jhapa for the election campaign.

Stating Thebe out of contact, Dambar Limbu, Parisad’s FPTP candidate   urged for to release him at earliest, charging poll boycotting Limbuwan and CPN-Maoist for their hands in his kidnapping to thwart the polls. 

Chair of Parisad Sanjuhan Paunwa, informed about a call on landline from a unknown person threatening “Your candidate is in our custody.

Actively plunged into Limbuwan politics, Thebe, 36 from Pyang, has fielded his candidacy from two constituencies.


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