My time under 10 hour-abduction!

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Nava Raj Kharel; CPN (ML) candidate from Jhapa-3

I was sleeping this morning. Three men came looking for me at 5:30 am. They came to my bedroom and asked me to go with them. They took me with them forcibly. I was really scared as I did not know who were taking me away. Later I came to know that they were CPN (Maoist) cadres who are against the election. After we had talks in pleasant environment, they opened up the bandage on my eyes. They kept me in company of two or three people continuously.

They did not mistreat me in any way. They shared whatever they ate with me. We ate and walked around together. Later in the afternoon, they handed me over to members of Federation of Nepalese Journalists, Jhapa. The journalists brought me home afterwards.

This clearly shows that the police and the government are not concentrating on the security of the candidates of minor parties and voters. If a candidate can be kidnapped from his bed then what might be the condition of the voters? I am really worried how the voters can exercise their franchise without any fear. After seeing that the candidates of fringe parties and voters are at great risks while the police and government are focused on the security of the major party candidates only, I released a press statement, questioning the rationale of the election.

In my statement, I have mentioned that I was not under anyone's pressure and was not abducted, adding that I had gone for meeting with other party leaders. At the very beginning, I have stated that I will remain active in politics. Therefore, I urge all not to understand my statement as revoking my candidacy.

(Based on Ujyaalo's Shuphal Kafle's personal communication with Nava Raj Kharel, CPN (ML) candidate of Jhapa-3, who was abducted and released on Monday)


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