Naresh Bir Shakya

Naresh Bir Shakya

Nepa Rastriya Party

Election Area: Kathmandu-4 , Kathmandu-8

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Vice-chairman of Nepaa Rastriya Party Naresh Bir Shakya was born on March 28, 1955 in Kathmandu. Son of Dharma Bir and Hira Devi Shakya, Shakya holds Master's Degree in Humanity Faculty from Tribhuvan University.

Shakya is the general secretary of Nepalbhasha Mankaa Khalaa, an umbrella organization of groups and societies dedicated to the development of Nepalbhasa , founded in 1979. He has been accused of not updating the working committee of the Khalaa.  

Shakya served as the general secretary of Newar's National Forum from 1994 for 6 years. A linguistic activist Shakya undertook a special research in Khyalaa, an original tradition of Newar community. As a chief editor and a publisher, Shakya has been taking out seven regular magazines, including one English monthly magazine from his publication house Ilohan. He has published 12 books covering issues of Newar Community, anthropology of children's stories and Nepal Sambat so far. He took part actively during the political movements of 1990 and 2006.

From the very onset period, Shakya has been associated with Nepaa Rastriya Party. He served as a working committee member of Nepal Indigenous Federation Mobilization Committee and Nepal Sambat Task Force.

General Secretary of World Buddhist Peace Foundation and Human Rights Promotion Centre, Shakya is undertaking the responsibility of a chief advisor at Hanuman Dhoka Durbar Area Conservation Committee. He is contesting from Kathmandu-4 and Kathmandu-8 representing Nepaa Rastriya Party in the upcoming CA election.

His family includes a son and two daughters.


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