Bom Bahadur Khatri

Bom Bahadur Khatri

Rastriya Janamorcha

Election Area: Pyuthan-2

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A central member of Rastriya Jana Morcha, Bom Bahadur Khatri was born in 1953 in Chunja-8 of Phyuthan to Gyan Dhar and Rana Devi Khatri. He holds Bachelor’s Degree in Education. Commenced his political career in 1978 from students’ movement, he became a secretary of Free Students’ Union(FSU) of Prithvi Narayan Campus in 1981.

Khatri, who contested from Pyuthan-2 in the 2008 CA election, was defeated by Deepak KC of UNCP-Maoist. Khatri received 10,411 votes while elected KC received 12,857 votes.  

Former vice chairman of Mid-western regional branch of Nepal Teachers’ Association (NTA), Khatri served NTA for 6 years from the working committee also. After the retirement from the teaching profession, he became more active in politics. A coordinator of Rapti- Lumbini Area Khatri was made chairman of Pyuthan District Development Committee for 5 years , after the local level election in 1997 .


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