A CPN-UML politburo member, Prithvi Subba Gurung was born on February 12, 1958 in Gilung-8 of Lamjung to Ganga Prasad and Chini Gurung. Former law maker holds Bachelor’s Degree in Science Faculty. Commenced his political career in 1977, he took CPN-ML’s membership in 1980.

Gurung, defeated twice in the parliamentary election, was elected in the 2008 CA election from Lamjung-2, bagging 19,583 votes. His closest opponent Dil Bahadur Gharti of NC received 13,699 while another rival Madhu Adhikari of UCPN-M received 9,495 votes.

Party secretary of CPN-UML, Gurung was appointed as Minister for Tourism , culture and Civil Aviation by Girija Prasad Koirala led government, formed after peoples’ movement of 2006.  Former chairman of Nepal Federation of Indigenous Nationalities, Gurung was blamed grouping communal and ethnic political ideology within the CPN-UML. Even some dissident leaders like Ashok Rai, Rajendra Shresthta quitted the party, but Gurung, Coordinator of Indigenous caucus of the former CA , didn’t follow the track of dissident leaders.


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