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Dr. Baburam Bhattarai is the 35th Prime Minister of Nepal and a senior leader of UCPN-Maoist. He took the premier’s office on August 28, 2011 and held the post for 19 months. Born on June 18, 1954 in Khoplang VDC.Dr. Bhattarai is the son of Bhojprasad and Dharma Kumari Bhattarai. He topped the SLC exams in 1960. He again came first in I.Sc. He is an architect and did his PhD on The Nature of Underdevelopment and Regional Structure of Nepal: a Marxist View.

He had already developed keen interest on politics when he was studying at Amrit Science College in the early 70s. Initially he opposed monarchy only. But when BP Koirala returned back to Nepal with the policy of reconciling with the king, Bhattarai’s began to develop leftist views. Impressed by the Jhapa movement, he was further drawn to CPN-ML. However, there was conflict of opinion between him and CPN-ML concerning the political change in China. Hence, he joined CPN (Fourth Convention), which viewed the change in China as counter-revolution. And he took the membership of Communist Party in 1979.

In 1990, he actively took part in the people’s movement against the Panchayat system and became party spokesperson of CPN (Masal). Another conflict of opinion with Mohan Bikram Singh led to Bhattarai's disassociation with Singh. The Bhattarai faction of CPN (Masal) then unified with the Proletarian Workers Organization to form CPN (Unity Center).  In 1991 parliamentary elections, United People's Front led by Bhattarai won nine seats to become the third biggest political force in the nation.

A split in CPN (Unity Center) in 1995 led to the formation of CPN-Maoist. Bhattarai has remained a senior leader of CPN-Maoist since then.

Bhattarai is credited for bringing the rebel party CPN-Maoist into the mainstream politics. He was the coordinator of the team that held talks with the government before the party joined the peace process.

He is known to be determined and stubborn leader who usually sticks to his decisions. He was reprimanded by the party leadership for his opinion during the armed conflict. He, however, stood firm on his views.

He remained underground for 10 years during the armed conflict. He was elected in CA Election 2008 from Gorkha-2 with the highest number of votes. He received 46,272 votes while his nearest opponent Chandra Prasad Neupane (NC) got only 6,143 votes.

Bhattarai was appointed Finance Minister in the coalition government formed on August 21, 2008. He left a positive mark as a finance minister. However, his tenure as prime minister was highly criticized. He lost his popularity after inappropriate expenditure raised during his tenure. He signed BIPPA Agreement with India and advocated for handing over the upgradation of Tribhuvan International Airport Immigration System to India, which earned him the image of an India-leaning leader.

Despite many protests from locals, he went ahead with road widening campaign in Kathmandu.

Besides politics, he has also authored dozens of books. He has also worked as editor in few papers.


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