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Kamala Sharma was born on July 32, 1962 in Katti-2, Dailekh to Dhani Ram  and Mona Sharma.  He has school level education. Commenced her political career in 1995, she became organized member of CPN-UML, member of Akhil Nepal Mahila Sangh Surkhet , women’s wing of UML.

Sharma was elected from Surkhet -1  in 2008 CA election with 18,804 votes. Her closest opponent Lal Bahadur Ghale (NC) trailed by 12,335 votes. Likewise, Khadk Bahadur Gharti (UCPN-Maoist) received 10,878 votes.  

 Sharma’s husband Rishi Ram Sharma was murdered during the election campaign of CA. So UML has given ticket for her candidacy in his place. She played active role in Committee for Determining the base of Cultural and Social Solidarity and Women Children and Social Welfare Committee in 2008 CA.

Sharma was the only one female CA, elected under FPTP from CPN-UML and became popular by slipper slapping to former Home Minister Purna Bhadur Khadka in the first CA meeting.

She has three sons.


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