Pratima Gautam

Pratima Gautam

Nepali Congress

Election Area: Kathmandu-2

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Born on November 2, 1971 in Gaushala, Kathmandu, a mahasamiti member of NC, Pratima Gautam plunged into politics from Nepal Student Union (NSU) in 1988 and elected to a member at Free Student Union (FSU) of Padma Kanya Campus in 1992.She served as a joint secretary in 1994, a deputy chairperson in 1996 and a chairperson at FSU in 1998.

Serving as a central member in 1999, Gautam was elected as a general secretary of NSU, registering her name as the first elected general secretary of NSU.

Daughter of Ram Prasad and Dr. Maya Gautam, Gautam holds Master's Degree in political sciences and women studies from Padma Kanya Campus.


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