Ramesh Jung Rayamajhi

Ramesh Jung Rayamajhi

Nepali Congress

Election Area: Morang-8

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Born on February 1, 1969 in Helauchha-6, Bhojpur, a district member of NC, Ramesh Jung Rayamajhi, influenced by Nepal Student Union (NSU), joined NSU in 1999 as a member. He is currently serving as a mahasamiti member and a member at Industry Business Central Committee, after serving to various level committees.

A post graduate in sociology, Rayamajhi served as a member at Finance Committee during the 12th general assembly. Involved with social services, he serves a director at Air Asia.

 A film producer, Rayamajhi serves as an advisor of Film Producer Association and produced three cine films so far.

Son of Nil Kumar and Bishnu Kumari Rayamajhi, Rayamajhi served at the board committee of the High Level Bagamati Drainage Project in 1999.


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