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Born on April 6, 1963 in Badhare-3, Hattiban, Khotang, a central member and a coordinator of Kochila State Committee of UCPN-Maoist, Kumar Paudel plunged into politics in 1979 as a member of an armed combatants group of Ram Raja Prasad Singh led Janabadi Morcha. After taken combatants' training from Chambal ravine of India, he joined CPN (4th convention)led by Mohan Bikram Singh in 1983 and later  switched to CPN-Masal , serving as a chief at workers' association, after the split of the party.

Son of Late Khadanand and Bed Maya Paudel, Paudel joined CPN-United in 1990, serving as a general secretary at workers' association and became a chief at Trade Union for eight years. He became a central member of CPN-Maoist in 2000, after serving as a district in-charge, a regional bureau member.

Paudel, with BA and BL, remained in teaching profession from 1982 till 1985 and was jailed for three years.


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