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Born on November 25, 1944 in Sangpang, Bhojpur, Krishna Kumar Rai plunged into politics in 1960 from Dharan while a student. Further he joined ANNFSU from 1964 till 1967 while foregoing higher study in Kathmandu. He elected from Dharan-8 in 1973, served as an acting pradhan panch for 3 months.

Ex-pradhan pancha, Rai elected to 1886's National council as a member and appointed twice as an Assistant Minister for Communication and an Assistant Minister for Health, with total 28 month tenure. After restoration of democracy in 1990, he joined active party politics from RPP, but remained inactive after 1997's general assembly held in Birjung. He rejoined politics from CPN-UML in 2007.

Son of Prem singh and Ratna Maya Rai, Rai has a son and a daughter and holds Master's Degree in Humanity Faculty.


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