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Keshav Pandey was born on August 5, 1964 in Madaanpur VDC-2 of Makawanpur. He is the son of Parshuram and Mangaladevi Pandey. Keshav has a son and a daughter. He is contesting from Nuwakot-1 in the CA Election 2013 representing CPN-UML.

He began his political career in 1979 while he was a student at Kanti Sikshya Mandir by joining ANNFSU. He was jailed on multiple occasions for altogether two years for his involvement in political activities.

He did his higher studies from Amrit Science Campus in Kathmandu and was elected FSU chairman of the campus in 1997. At Amrit Science Campus, he also held posts like ANNFSU unit chairman, ANNFSU central treasurer, secretary and foreign department. He also worked as chief of Asian Students Organization, which has its regional office in Hong Kong, for one term.

In party politics, he became district committee member and secretary of CPN-UML. The Butwal Convention elected him as the party's Foreign Department secretary. Pandey currently is involved with Madan Bhandari Foundation and Madan Bhandari Sports Academy. He has visited 67 countries so far.


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