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Born on October, 1967 in Hattilet of Mahottari, an advisor of Sarlahi CPN-UML, Surendra Lama plunged into left politics from childhood and joined CPN-UML in 1987 from ANNFSU. He served as a chairperson at District Sports Development Committee during CPN-UML Government in 1994 and a district member at Youth Association.

Son of Bakhat Bahadur Syangbo and Phoolmaya Lopchan Lama, Lama became a central member of Peoples’ Volunteers, Janakpur in-charge during the party split period. He further served as a district secretariat member and regional in-charge of the party.

In 2008, he worked as a member at Baudhha Darshan Promotion and Gumba Development Committee of Federal Affairs and Local Development Ministry. Founding chairperson of Chetana Sandesh Nepal, a local NGO, Lama also served as a district trainer commissioner of the Scout in 1993.

He has four daughters and two sons. His daughter Aarati Lama is serving as a secretariat member at ANNFSU.


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