Arjun Prasad Joshi

Arjun Prasad Joshi

Nepali Congress

Election Area: Parbat-1

Born on June 27, 1954 in Shivalay-7 of Parbat, a central member of NC, Arjun Prasad Joshi plunged actively into politics from NC in 1975, as a working committee member. Ex-member of Dhaulagiri Working Committee member of NC, he was elected as a district chairperson from the 8th district assembly in 1991 and continued same post for 16 years.

Nominated as a central member in 2006, he elected to the same post from 12th general assembly held in 2011 and is serving as a coordinator at International Coordination Department along with a central member.

Parliamentarian of 1999, Joshi , with 13,258 votes, was elected in 2008 CA election, defeating CPN-Maoist’s Manarupa Sharma Subedi .

A post graduate in political sciences, Joshi taught at Ratna Rajya Campus of Pokhara and is the son of late Amrit Prasad and Bal Kumari Joshi.


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