Born in Hariharpur-7, Mahottari on July 17, 1961, Lal BabuYadav plunged into politics from 1977’s students’ movement. Elected district secretary of Nepal Student Union (NSU) Yadav was also elected as a secretary to Free Student Union secretary of RRB Campus in 1982.

Son of Shyam Kishor and Nayan Devi Yadav, Yadav remained in Sindhuli based jail for 4 months during the civil disobedience movement of 1985.

A graduate from RRB Campus of Janakpur Yadav lost from Mahottari VDC chairperson in 1997. Ex-representative of NC’s mahasamiti and mahaadhibesan, Yadav switched to UCPN-Maoist on August 28, 2013.

He has two daughters and a son.


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