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Som Prasad Pandey was born in 1953 in Madanpokhara-1, Palpa. He is the son of Pundit Ishwari Prasad Pandey and Chamala Devi Pandey. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Law. He is contesting from Palpa-2 in the CA Election 2013 representing CPN-UML.

Pandey came into politics in 1971 after he came into contact with late Jeevraj Aashrit and UML’s incumbent secretary Yuvraj Gyanwali and joined the Pushpalal group. He took the membership of the Marxist group in 1975 and later joined the then CPN (MLM) in 1986. He served the party for 22 years in various posts like the village committee, regional committee and Palpa District Committee. He also worked in Lalitpur City Committee in mid 80s.

Pandey was elected as Member of Parliament in both legislative elections of 1994 and 1999 representing UML. However, he suffered a defeat in the CA Election 2008.

Pandey is the CPN-UML’s National Representatives Council member. After winning the election in 1994, Pandey became a member of the parliament’s Committee on Natural Resources and Means and worked as the coordinator of the subcommittee to look after the forest and water resources. After 1999 election, Pandey served as chairman of the parliament’s Committee for International Relations and Human Rights.

Pandey also worked as an advocate and teacher. Before running for the MP in the 1994 election, he held the post of district chairman of Nepal Bar Association for two terms. Likewise, he also worked as principal and founder teacher of Damkada High School. Pandey is still involved in the management committees of various schools and campuses. 


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