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A political leader affiliated with UCPN-Maoist , Amik Serchan was born in 1949. Born to Badi Bahadur and Uma Devi Sherchan in Okharbotkhani-9, Myadgi, Sherchan has passed Proficiency Certificate Level in Political Science.

Sherchan, now the member of the Standing Committee of UCPN-Maoist, joined politics in 1967.  His political life includes sixteen year underground life with three  year in prison.   Prior to joining CPN-Maoist in January 2009,Sherchan, who had been the chairman of CPN- unity centre , was associated with Janamorcha Nepal. He served as the deputy-Prime Minister and Minister for Health and Population in the interim government made up of seven party alliance(SPA) under Girija P Koirala. Sherchan was with CA’s Committee for National Interest Preservation, CA’s Committee for Legislative and Parliamentary Hearing Special Committee.

Sherchan was elected from Chitwan-5 in 2008 CA election with 14,397 votes. His closest opponent Bijay Subedi (CPN-UML) trailed by 10,012 votes. Likewise, Narayan Sharma (NC) received 6,805 votes.

His family includes a daughter and three sons.


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