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Ram Kisun Raya was born in 1965 in Kisanpur, ward no. 3 of Sarlahi. He is the son of Ram Avatar Raya and Tetani Devi Yadav. Father of two sons and two daughters, Ram Kisun Raya has studied up to the SLC. He is contesting from Sarlahi-4 in the CA Election 2013 representing UCPN-Maoist.

He began his political journey from the then CPN (Maoist) in 2001. He has served as member of the party's district committee and Mithila State Committee.

Raya became central member of All Nepal Trade Union Federation in 2006 and went on to become the chairman of the federation. In 2012, he became the party's coordinator of Sarlahi-4.

He is also the incumbent coordinator of Phooljorbaba Partnership Forest Management Group and has served as chairman of the management committee of Janata Lower Secondary School, Kisanpur.


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