Pavitra Bajracharya

Pavitra Bajracharya

Federal Socialist Party-Nepal (FSP-Nepal)

Election Area: Kathmandu-8

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Born on November 27, 1957 in Kathamdu, Pavitra Bajracharya is the son of late Paramananda Bajracharya and Krishna Maya Bajracharya. He holds MBA degree from Tribhuvan University. He is contesting from Kathmandu-8 in the CA Election 2013 representing Federal Socialist Party, Nepal.

In politics since 1976, Bajracharya was active in the student protests of 1979 and subsequently worked for garnering wider support for multi-party system in the 1980 referendum on system of government. He has a long experience of serving as people's representative. Bajracharya was elected as ward president of Kathmandu Ward No. 23 thrice. He first held the post during the Panchayat Era and was reelected twice after the restoration of democracy in 1990.

Incumbent President of Nepal Retailers Association, Bajracharya is in the business of food products. He is the former general secretary of Newa Dey Daboo, the national organization of the Newars. He held the post for two terms and filed his nomination for the organization's presidency in 2012. However, conflict in the organization has prevented the elections to take place yet.

In 2008, the locals protested against the government's decision regarding the Indra Jatra festival that led to the formation of a high-level study committee to study the relevance of the Guthi Sansthan. Bajracharya was the coordinator of the committee. Involved in many social and community-based organizations, he is the president of Newa Guthi and general secretary of Newa Nugah.

He has one son and one daughter. 


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