Kiran Shakya

Kiran Shakya

Nepa Rastriya Party

Election Area: Lalitpur-2

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Born on July 26, 1971 at Nakabahil, Lalitpur Sub-metropolitan City-16, Kiran Shakya is an advocate by profession. He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Law and Master's Degree in Nepalbhasa. He is contesting from Lalitpur-2 in the CA Election 2013, representing Nepa Rastriya Party.

He is in politics since his student days and was actively involved with Akhil (Fifth) during the people's movement of 1990. Elected as member of Free Student Union of Nepal Law Campus in 1993, Shakya was the founder ward secretary at Ward 16 of Lalitpur Sub-metropolitan City, representing CPN-UML.

He became the UML's City Committee member in 1995 but joined CPN (ML) after the UML split on March 5, 1998. He went on to become CPN (ML)'s District Committee member in 2000 and played an important role in garnering wider participation of the Newar community in the 2006 democracy movement. He was also instrumental in forming Newar Struggle Committee during the movement.

Also one of the founders of Nepa Rastriya Party, Shakya's involvement in politics increased following the formation of the party in 2008. He currently serves as the party's Central Secretariat member and secretary at Organization Department. He also took the responsibility of party spokesperson since the formation of the party until recently.

General Secretary of Newar Republican Forum for Self-governance, Shakya is involved in many linguistic organizations. He is the incumbent president of Nepalbhasa Manka Khala - Lalitpur, and is a member of Nepalbhasa Quiz Contest Guthi, and Maan Bhay Pucha - Lalitpur. One of the founders of Lipi Thapu Guthi, Shakya is also founder secretary of Newa Dey Guthi - Nepalmandal, the first Newar organization formed to raise political agenda.

He has a son. 


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