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Born on January 29, 1968 in Pwang-2 of Rukum,a member of National Representation Council of CPN-UML, Khem Man Khadka, influenced by 1979’s students’ movement, plunged into politics in 1981 from ANNFSU (5th) while a student at High School of  Rukumkot. After SLC in 1984, he affiliated with ANNFSU’s Dang district committee in 1987, with the entry from the preliminary committee of ANNFSU of Mahendra Multiple Campus, Ghoraghi.

A post graduate in English and sociology, Khadka joined the Ghorahi Municipality City Committee in 1988. After the split of party in 1997, he became a member of Rapti Zone Coordination Committee.

Son of Gammar Singh and Madhu Khadka, Khadka served as chairperson at Rukum District Development Committee from 1997 till 2002.

He has two sons and a daughter.


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