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Bharat Mani Jangam was born on November 25, 194 in Taumadhi, Bhaktapur to Govind Hari and Indra Kumari Jangam. Even took NC’s membership in 1990, he remained idle up to October, 2013 and plunged politics actively only after the entry in RPP-Nepal.

Familiar face as a writer, journalist and advocate, Jangam served as an editor to Nepali Aawaj for five years and still is scribing literary works. He published Kalo Surya in 1979, Byuhachakra in 1984, Rato Gham in 1993, Khopdesh, a novel n 2010 and Anthropology of short stories in 2012 so far.

With Bachelor’s Degree in Law, he advocates for public concern issues in the court and served as a special officer at the Anti Corruption Mechanism, formed by the Palace in 1980 to control corruption, for a year and six months.

Jangam considered Ganesh Man Singh as a role model and God father..But he is contesting with Ganesh Man Singh’s son Prakash Man from Kathmandu-1 in the upcoming CA election.


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