Netra Prasad Pandey

Netra Prasad Pandey

Unified Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist)

Election Area: Palpa-3

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A secretariat member of UCPN-Maoist’s State Committee, Netra Prasad Pandey was born on August 4, 1966 in Argharli, Palpa .  Plunged into politics in 1979 from ANNFSU-5th, he is currently affiliated with UCPN-Maoist, after switching from CPN-ML, CPN-UML.

A graduate in Management Faculty, Pandey, along with some friends, initiated establishing CPN-ML’s unit in Jumla in1988, registering his name as a founding member. Leaving ten year long teaching profession in 1997, he joined CPN-UML in 1997.

He switched to CPN-Maoist in 1998 formally. After serving as a cell member, unit member and district committee, he took whole timer membership in 2001. He served as a district secretary during initial phase of the peace process.

Former district chairperson of Intellectual Association and company commissioner of Maoist’s combatants, Pandey lost from Palpa-3 in 2008 CA election.  He has four daughters and a son.


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