Renu Chand Bhatta

Renu Chand Bhatta

Unified Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist)

Election Area: Baitadi-2

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Born in Mumbai, India on September 13, 1980, Renu Chand Bhatta is the daughter of Gopal Chand and Radha Chand. Gopal Chand is a senior leader of CPN-Ekata Kendra. He (or She?) was later appointed as Baitadi District In-charge of UCPN-Maoist. Her family background has been very helpful for her to move forward in politics.

With a Bachelor's Degree in Political Science, she joined UCPN-Maoist in 1996 that marked the beginning of her political career and took part in the armed conflict in 2001. Chand was elected from Baitadi-2 in CA Election-2008, defeating BinayDhwaj Chand (NC) by a margin of 13,655 votes. Chand received 20,021 votes while CPN-UML's Maya Bhatta came third with 5,646 votes.

She was the only woman candidate of UCPN-Maoist to contest in the CA Election-2008 in First-Past-The-Post system from Mahakali Zone. She is again contesting from Baitadi-2 in the upcoming elections.

She was a member of Constitutional Committee of the CA. Chand was a member of the secretariat of the UCPN-Maoist's Seti-Mahakali State Committee and Central Secretariat of All Nepal Women Association (Revolutionary).

She became close to Tekendra Bhatta of Kanchanpur during the armed conflict and married him. However, she is now divorced with a daughter.


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