Sunil Prajapati

Sunil Prajapati

Nepal Workers and Peasants Party

Election Area: Bhaktapur-2

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Born on June 23, 1964 in Jelaa of Bhaktapur , Sunil Prajapati is contesting the CA election from Bhaktapur-2 representing Nepal Workers Peasants Party. Son of Badri and Krishna Maya Prajapati , he  has Bachelor's Degree in Law and is in politics since 1979.

In the first Constituent Assembly Election of 2008, he received 18,100 votes, defeating his closest rival Lekha Nath Neupane of NC. Neupane received 13,265 votes while another opponent Ganesh Bahadur Khatri of UML received 11,769 votes. 

In the 1999 parliamentary election , Prajapati contested from the Bhaktapur -2 and was defeated by Lekha Nath Neupane.

After the fall of King Gyanendra's direct rule in 2006, he was nominated to the interim legislature of Nepal. 

Member of Constitutional Committee of CA,  Prajapati is the central secretary of Nepal Workers Peasants Party.


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