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Senior leader Bam Dev Gautam, born on July 11, 1944 in Dakhakwadi-1 of Pyuthan, is a vice chair of CPN-UML. He joined Communist Party of Nepal in 1964 and participated in full time party activities from Rupendehi , with underground life, in 1969, serving as a district secretary in 1972. During his prison life, he served the party from Coordination Committee in 1975.After the release from jail in 1980, he became a central member of CPN-ML. After the merger, he was made a Politburo member of CPN (UML) and also attained the position of Deputy General Secretary of the party.

Elected MP from Bardiya- 1 in first General Election 1991 and Mid Term Election 1994 Gautam became the Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister in February 1997.  He played a major role in splitting the CPN-UML over the issue of Mahakali treaty with India and later formed CPN-ML on March 5, 1998 and was elected General Secretary of the party in March of that year. The party failed to get a single seat in House in next election. Later, he again joined the CPN-UML.

On 31 August 2008, Gautam was appointed as the Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister in the Maoist-led Coalition Government. In February 2009, he was elected one of the Vice-Chairman of CPN-UML in Butwal General Convention. On 2 May 2010 during Maoist protests, he called for the Prime Minister to resign to end the current political stalemate.

Travelled Rolpa with Maoists for the dialogue on behalf of the party, Gautam played the vital role for the peace process. Also known as Bhairab, Chaudhary and Hali dai among cadres during panchayat era, he has efficient skill in organizing and expanding the parties activities.

Son of Kabi Raj and Padma Devi Gautam, Gautam has SLC and remained in teaching profession during his initial life.


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